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  • Water Damage Report
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Nine convincing application areas for Voice Pro Enterprise

1. Technical approvals, test protocols, reports and investigations of damage events. More information …

All of them need it: Insurance companies, test centers, big industrial enterprises and also social organizations have to record and document in all detail technical workflows and processes, expertises or nursing reports in their daily business. Our speaker independent speech recognition Voice Pro Enterprise - which works also on mobile devices like the iPhone - accelerates the writing of text and increases therewith productivity and efficiency.

Building Survey (German)
Motor Vehicle Damage Report (German)
Police Report (German)

2. Logging of conversations, meetings and interviews. More information …

Conversations in industrial firms, insurance companies, banks or even in large media enterprises are often only verbal.
Taking down the conversation into text is not only time-consuming but also not in all cases 1:1 reproducible.
The benefit of using a speech recognition like Voice Pro Enterprise is enormous:  The transcribed text is directly available only after a short time and can then be processed further. Thanks to its speaker independency even interview recordings with several people can be easily transcribed, no matter if they exist as audio or video file.



Maggie Thatcher (English)
Bank - customer dialogue (German)
Press Conference Christian Ude (German)
Interview Mrs. Merkel, Mr. Sarkozy (German)
Personal annual interview (German)
Insurance - customer dialogue (German)

3. Transcription of lectures, talks, audio and video podcasts. More information …

Not only universities, educational establishments, television and radio stations but also many other companies have a great demand for the transcription of audio or video content.
When using a speaker-independent speech recognition like Voice Pro Enterprise, the students, listeners or employees can use the transcription result to process or store the text or to reread what has been said. There is no further need of annoying and inefficient manual note-taking. With Voice Pro Enterprise, the concentration can be completely focused onto the speaker.

We downloaded the lectures from iTunesU in the following chronological order:

1) Excerpt from the lecture "Fincial markets", Yale University
2) Excerpt from the lecture "Einführung in die praktische Philosophie", Leibniz University Hanover, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hübner
3) Excerpt from the lecture “Einführung in die theoretische Philosophie", Leibniz University Hanover, Prof. Dr. phil. Hoyningen-Huene
4) Excerpt from the lecture “Armut in einem reichen Land", General studies University Furtwangen, Prof. Dr. Stefan Selke
5) Excerpt from the lecture “Globale Ungleichgewichte“, University of Cologne, Prof. Axel Weber

Financial Markets (English)
Parliamentary groups (German)
Introduction practical philosophy (German)
German Bundestag (German)
Introduction theoretical philosophy (German)
Poverty in a rich country (German)
Global Imbalance (German)

4. For medical professionals

Whether in clinics, hospitals or doctor’s surgeries – generating patient reports, studies and protocols takes time and costs money. Voice Pro Enterprise provides an easy-to-use and speaker-independent  speech recognition solution for doctors, nurses, staff of the social services and clinic administration to make their daily work more efficient

Medical Report (German)
Arztwissen TV: Cartilage damage knee (German)
Arztwissen TV: Milk Teeth (German)
Arztwissen TV: Inflammation of the middle ear (German)
Arztwissen TV: Braces (German)

5. Dictation in the office. More information …

Enterprises like e.g. insurance companies, banks or social organizations benefit from speech recognition in their daily business. The possible use cases are numerous. Dictation of letters, emails, reports, minutes or memos are much more productive and time efficient than typing them.
When using Voice Pro Enterprise, our server based speaker independent speech recognition solution, even the need for spending time on tedious and lengthy speaker training has been eliminated.

Business Skills Report (English)
Protocol "Car accident" (German)
Business letter (German)
Social worker report (German)
Protocol "Business Meeting" (German)
Business letter "Ice Hockey" (German)
Business letter "Product videos" (German)

6. Mobile dictation. More information …

When being away on business, typing by hand can be very difficult or even impossible. Sales representatives in enterprises, banks or in insurance companies but also employees in public institutions or police officers know this problem very well. It would be a great help if the conversations or protocols could be dictated via iPhone or laptop directly on location or on the way home in the car, airplane or train.
And: without the need of a tedious speaker and microphone training. Now you can relax or drive to directly to your next appointment while Voice Reader Server is doing the transcription work for you.

Dictate with iPhone (German)
Water damage report (German)

7. Video transcription with automatic creation of subtitles. More information …

Nowadays not only television and radio stations, news agencies, video portals and internet sales channels are handling with by a huge volume of videos, for which no text transcription or subtitle is existing. Especially with regard to the new accessibility internet guidelines there is certainly an urgent need for action. A manual transcription would be enormous time consuming and expensive. Whereas Voice Pro Enterprise, our speaker independent speech recognition server solution, with its high recognition accuracy and automatic creation of subtitles, scores not only in the speed and expense factor.  The text and creation of subtitles will be generated automatically and can be edited at any time.  

UK Parliament - House of Commons (English)
Mobile World Congress Barcelona (German)
Nasa and Mars Missions (German)
Costa Concordia (German)
UK Parliament - Lobby (English)
Speech of Angela Merkel (German)
Animal shelter, München TV (German)
Pope requests end of violence (German)
UK Parliament - Bills and Voting (English)
Weekend work (German)
Whitney Houston probably drowned (German)
Queen Elizabeth (English)
Pirate Party München TV (German)
Integration Harlaching, München TV (German)
Speech of President Obama (German)
Aesthetics and policy (German)
Physics, München TV (German)

8. Video transcription as a SEO tool. More information …

Videos are getting more and more important when it comes to address the website visitors directly and to convert them into buyers. This concerns particularly the e-commerce sector.
Therefore it is essential to use videos for SEO and to optimize them in the best possible way for search engines.
Since search engines can evaluate only text, it has to be extracted out of the online provided videos and audios. Their manual transcription would be possible only with a big time lag and a significant financial expenditure.
Voice Pro Enterprise is the reliable and profitable speech recognition solution for this use case. It has been designed even for the transcription of huge amounts of multimedia data (in German and English). So it can easily be used to optimize the website ranking and the locating of videos in the internet (e.g. sales or image films, company presentations, YouTube videos..)

9. Media Search: fast and targeted searching of audio or video sequences. More information …

In many businesses (including television and radio stations, news agencies, editorial offices, software enterprises, e-commerce companies or operators of web portals) there are existing huge amounts of archived video and audio files in the meantime. It’s getting difficult and time consuming, when a certain sentence or sequence must be verified or found. Or: If it’s necessary to switch to exactly the video fragment, where something specific was said. This would require the entire archive and each audio and video file to be indexed and key worded in detail. Therefore a manual transcription of audio and video files is very time consuming and expensive. Voice Pro Enterprise – included Voice Pro Search - offers a convenient and time-saving way to jump selectively to a specific video or audio sequence or to browse very efficient through the content of huge amounts of data, thanks to its excellent transcription and search functionality.